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West Virginia: Good Standing Certificate

Obtaining Good Standing Certificate
in West Virginia

Official name for Certificate of Good Standing in West Virginia is "Certificate of Existence" or "Certificates of Authorization" (depending on the type of company)".

Most states want to see a certificate of good standing (or its equivalent) before allowing a company to do business in that state as a "foreign entity" (process called foreign qualification). Companies that intend to expand abroad might also need to obtain certificate of good standing, and then certify it for foreign use (either with Apostille or Embassy Certification).

Any company registered in West Virginia can order Certificate of Existence or Certificates of Authorization from the West Virginia Secretary of State, provided it is indeed is in good standing. Processing time is typically up to one business day.

We can help you obtain Certificate of Existence or Certificates of Authorization for your company from West Virginia Secretary of State. In case your company turns out to be not in good standing, we will research the reasons and the remedies to bring it back to good standing, and will notify you of the results of our research.

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