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White Label Partner Program

Welcome to MyUSACorporation Partner Program! offers a unique and comprehensive White Label Partner Program. No other online incorporation site offers its partners the ability to use their own branding, their own URL, their own design and their own content while still offering MyUSAcorporation’s tested and effective forms, phone and chat customer support, client and partner user accounts and the resources of an experienced order processing department.

Make It Your Own

The White Label Partner Program is much more than a simple affiliate program. We do not ask our White Label partners to link to our site, but instead offer them a modular design that fits into their site. No matter the look of the existing website, we will make our forms fit in – not the other way around. Your visitors will get the full experience of browsing, ordering and paying on your site, without ever having to be transferred to

Moreover, we can offer our White Label partners just the services they are interested in (for example incorporation and formation of LLCs) or the full comprehensive range of business filing services offered through our website. This will enable the partner-sites to either specialize in one are and promote their targeted content to drive more visitors to their site or turn into a do-it-all place for those looking to start a business. The choice is always yours.

Use Our Vast Resources

Our White Label partners get the full benefit of MyUSAcorporation’s experience, technological know-how and dedicated business filing resources. This allows our partners to do what they do best – concentrate on providing content and promoting their site, while we take care of the “dirty work”.

Our Forms

Our White Label program is built around the battle-tested order forms that maximize conversion rates by allowing the customers to place any order in just three easy steps: price list, contact information, short service-specific questionnaire. We have taken the time to design the forms and vet out all of the bugs while building our own site, so our partners can get the benefit of the finished product with none of the growing pains.

Phone & Chat Support

The White Label Partner Program comes with MyUSAcorporation’s lauded live online and phone customer service that regularly receives compliments from the clients, even at 2am on a Sunday morning.

User Account

Every customer who orders via our White Label partner-sites will also gain access to MyUSAcorporation’s custom-designed user account, where they will get the benefit of real-time order progress tracking, instant document uploads and useful alerts and reminders.

Operational Back-end

And finally, the most important piece of the puzzle, MyUSAcorporation’s order processing department with its vast filing knowledge and experience, service account and personal connections within state offices and the capacity to handle as many orders as our partners can throw at it – all of this is an integral part of our White Label Partner Program.

To our White Label Partners we offer simple and lucrative revenue-sharing terms. Our partners receive a set percentage of our net revenue, which comprises total payment by a referred customer minus state and shipping fees. We take care of all the other costs (labor, materials, technical support of the forms and user accounts) from our own share.

But that’s not all! The partner’s revenue can be monitored real-time in a dedicated partner account. As the order is placed, the total net revenue and the partner’s share, along with all of the order details, are displayed in the partner account. The White Label partners’ user account also offers the ability to review monthly order statistics and revenue reports. Nobody offers a more user-friendly, all-encompassing back-end solution for online incorporation partner programs.

Ok, Let’s Do It!

If you are ready to become our White Label partner or just want to discuss the possibility, we will be happy to talk to you – just fill out the brief form below. We sense a beginning of a beautiful friendship!

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