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About Us

Welcome to!

When we founded the company early in 2009 our goal was simple — to make it easier for our fellow entrepreneurs at home and around the world to start their own businesses in the United States.

Rapidly growing, our company by the time of this writing in summer 2013 has helped over 10,000 entrepreneurs with their various business filing needs — services as diverse as forming and dissolving their companies, obtaining licenses and tax ID, getting their company documents certified for both domestic and foreign use, and much more.

As founders of, we harnessed our knowledge of small business, American administrative system, as well as our technical expertise in order to create this service — intended to be the best of its kind.

Easy, Friendly,

What sets us apart from other online incorporators?

First, we offer one of the best customer experiences in the industry. It starts from the moment you contact our company, be it by phone, email or chat, and continues with easy order tracking, email notification of milestones, and getting your order done fast and with minimum effort on your end.

Second, hardly anyone in the industry can beat our prices, and our a-la-carte system of placing your order is a striking contrast to package-based offers of almost all other incorporators. In other words, while our competitors try to push you to buy things you don’t need, we make it easier for you to select precisely what you need — and nothing else.

Third, our constant commitment for quality has earned us a whopping 9.88 out of 10 rating from, with a five-star Elite Member status. In other words, our clients love us.

Special Attention to International Customers

For most other U.S.-based online incorporators the focus is on the domestic U.S. market, while international customers are treated as a small side market.

For us foreign clients are as important as domestic, and our service was specifically designed to meet the specific needs of our international clients. As a result we enjoy from strong international customer base, and now we are proud to offer our services in languages other than English.

For our international clients we specialize in obtaining Apostille and Embassy certifications for use abroad. The website also contains detailed sections on setting up virtual mailing address and telephone number in the U.S. — especially helpful for running American online business from outside the U.S.

Finally, we offer lot’s of free advice on such issues as banking and credit card processing for foreign clients, a topic of high interest and importance (unfortunately, also quite challenging, as you can learn from the article). Our special efforts are directed at helping our foreign clients properly handle the issues of U.S. taxation.

We, at, are looking forward to helping you start your business!

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