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Nevada Corporation

Incorporating in Nevada

The Process

Nevada is known as one of the three incorporation-friendly states, the other two being Delaware and Wyoming. Nevada corporations are formed by filing Articles of Incorporation with Nevada Secretary of State. The entire filing process takes on average 5-7 business days, however state offers expedited filing of 1 business day for extra fee. To learn more about incorporating in Nevada you can visit Nevada State government website.

KEEP IN MIND: The state of Nevada requires all corporations formed in the state to file an initial list of officers on or before the last day of the anniversary month of that entity.

Effective October 1, 2009, Nevada Secretary of State also requires companies to obtain a mandatory business license. All entities that are required to file an initial or annual list of officers with the Secretary of State are also required to file for the State Business License at the time their list is due as part of the annual list filing.

We prepare and file the initial list and the application for a business license with the State of Nevada, pay fees due to the state and send you a confirmation when the documents haves been filed.

Name Identifiers and Abbreviations

The name of the Nevada corporation must end with one of the following words/abbreviations:

  • Inc.
  • Corp.
  • Co.
  • Ltd.
  • Incorporated
  • Corporation
  • Company
  • Limited

Bylaws and Minutes of Meetings

Bylaws is an important corporate document, serving as the "constitution" of the corporation. It defines various aspects or ownership and management of the corporation, as well as other aspects of corporation's existence. To properly establish, maintain and manage the affairs of the corporation directors and shareholders must meet periodically, and those meetings should be documented (minutes of meetings). Bylaws, minutes of all meetings, as well as other corporate documents, must be kept with your corporate records and are not filed with the state.

Unlike most other states, Nevada does not mandate all corporations to have bylaws, and properly maintain minutes of all meetings taking place. Nevertheless we highly recommend to have those documents drafted and securely stored in company records. We can provide you with standard bylaws and minutes of initial meetings of directors and shareholders, as well as other important documents such as stock ledger and bills of sale of shares to initial shareholders.

Additional Filings

Depending on the nature of your business some additional filings could be necessary to complete the proper set up of your corporation. Click on the items below to learn about each:

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We will prepare and file your incorporation application quickly and professionally with Nevada Secretary of State, as well as other state and federal authorities - all you need to do is complete our simple application below.

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