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We Beat All
Our Prices Match or Lower Than Competition
We are proud to be among the leading and at the same time the least expensive incorporation service on the Web. Unlike our competitors, our goal is not to squeeze the maximum amount of fees from our customers. On the contrary, we continually try to improve our operations and achieve maximum efficiency so that we can offer the lowest processing costs and the fastest processing times in the industry.

We Offer the Greatest Flexibility


We Offer the Greatest Flexibility

MyUSAcorporation offers the lowest prices for all our services, but that’s not all! Unlike our competitors we do not force you to buy all of these services as a part of an expensive package.

In fact, does not offer any packages at all. We believe that our customer should have the ultimate flexibility to select the services they need and to choose not to pay for the services that they don’t need. Our web site contains all the information about each individual service to help you make an informed decision and our representatives are always on standby to help you with your questions.

As a result, if you wanted to form an LLC in Delaware and were not interested in any additional services, would promptly fulfill your order for only $189 total (including $90 Delaware filing fee and $99 processing fee).

We Don't Have "Sales People"

Our customer service representatives are not «sales people» in a traditional way, which means they do not receive commission on orders booked. Instead they are evaluated monthly on the level of service provided via chat and phone, and receive bonuses based on that level.

That means our customer service representatives:

  • Never trick you into buying more than you need or want, don’t push you to make fast decision,
  • Help you make decision based on what you really need, even if that means filing less,
  • Strive to make you happy with the answers you receive, without being under stress to «sell»,
  • Are very patient. You can’t find any more patient customer service representative than those working for (their bonus depends on that!)
We never deceive Our Customers
Including unnecessary services in your order
All of our services are a-la-carte.
Hiding the final price of your order
Your final price appears on the first step of our order form.
Concealing processing fees inside state fees
We always show you the actual fees charged by states.
Imposing premium shipping fees
We offer free digital delivery, USPS Priority Mail, UPS and Fedex 2nd day delivery options.
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