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Quick and reliable, It was a pleasure to deal with Myusacorporation!
Simply amazing! At first I thought it was too good to be true. The next day my EIN arrived in my email and I was just blown away by the efficiency and low cost. Highly recommended!!!
Its a pleasure to recommend MyUSACorporation, the team was very professional and more over their commitment of completing the task in time, i formed my LLC with EIN number registration in almost 6 days. I would not hesitate to recommend MyUSACorporation to any one looking to register their company in USA whether he/she is a US Citizen or Non Resident. MyUSACorporation team you rock!!! Keep up the good work. Very happy with your service. Regards,
Many thanks to everyone at MyUSAcorporation for the professional, timely, and courteous service. You have gone beyond what was originally promised to clear up some of the confusion which was no fault of yours. The entire process was super easy - absolutely zero headaches, and now I'm up and running. I definitely recommend MyUSAcorporation to anyone looking to start a new business.
Thank you to MyUSACorporation. MyUSACorporation provided speedy and efficient service when we asked them to help us by incorporating our operations in Kentucky. Their polite, understanding staff handled our request professionally and provided complete documentation so that we could begin operations immediately.
Very great service, very great prices! MyUSACorporation allows you to see the process as it happened with up to date information. I will only use them to form my businesses.
Thank you for helping me form my LLC and for answering all my questions. I find your service very courteous and reliable.
Super easy forms. Super fast. My business was up and running in one week with MyUSACorporation.
Got my EIN in less then 24 hours. Just as advertised.
There were some events that occurred in my life that complicated my incorporation proceedings mid stream. I was able to talk to an extremely helpful representative over the phone. He helped me navigate some of life's mine field and made sure that my incorporation kept moving right on track. It is nice to know that you have some one watching your back! I would recommend to everyone!
When I was looking for a place to dissolve my S Corporation I was at first not knowing who to turn to until I found which definitely made my life much easier. They did all the work for me and it was done very efficiently and in a timely manner. I could not ask for a better place on the web to do whatever business you might have to do. is the best. I would definitely recommend to anyone whether it is to start a business or to dissolve a business. Thank you for all the great work that you have done!
Thank you very very much for your help and time! You have created a fabulous company and have impeccable customer service. I have never seen before such instant help.
This was one of the easiest things I have ever done, Thank you staff.
Thank you for your service. My Rep, Richard, provide me with all the necessary information when asked. The turn around was great! The quality of the documents, the speed of the service, everything was great.
I was very satisfied with MyUSAcorporation as they were very efficient in setting up my LLC and cost effective. I would definitively recommend them to anyone i know.
A very easy experience for starting a new business also great communication. Thanks
Thank you for your assistance, I am pleased to have my order completed. It has been an easy and simple way to incorporate on-line, very user friendly. All agents involved in the process were very professional and dilligent. Process and documents have been delivered in time as scheduled. For sure I will recommend, as well as keep using your service in further business.
Awesome!! You were GREAT to work with! Thanks for all your help!
The reason for my going on the site was due to the irs fax line being constantly busy; so after signing up with this service I found it to not only to be affordable, but very fast and I am very pleased. Anything further to do I will come back here that has to do with my business...Thank You
Generally, an outstanding job at remarkable speed! Nice application, too. Convenient to monitor progress. Would be nice to have a personal contact number for checking-in, however.
Fast, professional and cost effective. Great communication from beginning to end. Keep up the good work!
My name is William Wallace an all I have to say is My USA Corporation is a great company. They are fast an very professional. I never had any worries. You have to be careful not to get yourself in a scam these days on the internet but these guy are honest, and legit.
Thank you for your fast and personable service!
To Whom It May Concern: It is my pleasure to compliment Mr. Raymond Albert regarding both his representation of your company and willingness to provide excellent customer service. I have recently established two LLCs and found Ray to be very professional and personable. Your company is providing services at a fair price in a forthright manner. This is unfortunately not true of several competitors. If you are able to hire and retain people such as Ray to be the "face" of the organization, then I believe the whole will continue to be well. I am recommending MyUSACorporation.Com to all of my colleagues. Sincerely, Ted Wolkomir President Exegen IP Alliances LLC
Just wanted to let you know what wonderful customer support I just received from one of your reps named Raymond. He was very polite, gave clear and concise answers and most importantly was very patient in answering all of my questions. It is such a breath of fresh air to get quick and knowledgeable answers via a live chat room. Keep up the good work in hiring and training great staff like Raymond. Thanks again and look forward to working with your team in the near future with help in registering my business.
I could not be more pleased with the service you have provided for me. My time constraints were what I thought would be insurmountable since I was leaving the USA for a month just 4 days after my first call to you. Now here I have everything I need and I still have 2 days left to get ready for my trip. If you can use me as a reference feel free to do so because I am more than just a satisfied customer I am a "FAN"!
I would like to thank MyUSACorp. for helping me getting my EIN number. It proves that I am serious about business and have taken a great step towards being helpful in the lives of others. Hope you can be of help in the future with a web-site! Thanks Sincerely Rhonda Taylor!
Working with was great. They were prompt and very professional. I had an awesome experience obtaining my EIN# I would definitely recommend them for their services.
Thank you for being very prompt in getting my paperwork though and on the time you promised. I will recommend you to my friends sincerely n. salamey.
Your a life saver!! I used your site when we started our Trucking Business and now that we are a corporation you came through AGAIN! Making every action easier. Sincerely, A.S.
My name is Hatsada Nanthavongsa and my experience with MY USA was very exciting to take part in because this is my first business and they handled the process of attaining my information smoothly and very quick. I got my EIN # within 2 hours as promised, thank you MY USA.
Thank you very much. Great job in expediting the service.
I tremendously appreciated the thorough communication from beginning the submission of our paperwork for inc. and the follow through to conclusion with MyUSACorporation. Their employees display a level of professionalism that I do not normally see and am very pleased to work with them. I look forward to providing other folks looking to start up a business with this firm. Rates to incorporate were the best I have seen and the service excellent. GREAT REPUTATION DISPLAYED. Thank you, Scott
This has been the most efficient and Fantastic E-Setup for the EIN . I will recommend this to all my business associates.
Thank you for your quick turn-around on the document filing for Your Real Estate Solutions LLC! We received our EIN within a couple of hours after the request and our company was formed and registered with the state of Utah within 2-days. The "Corporate Kit" containing all of our necessary documents, stamp and required procedures was received in the office about a week later, nicely bound. Thank you again for your quick and efficient service!!
Super fast and super helpful. Thank you!
I looked at prices all over and this was the cheapest and most convenient option
Thanks guys, you did a great job helping me to open my photography business, I really didn't know where to start where to go - you did it all for me. How cool is that? It was an easy and clear process of creating a request to open a company, every step was described, so I didn't have to google each term. The price is good, the service is excellent. I really recommend everyone to let open a business for them. I didn't spend time on surfing the net finding the right form to fill and send somewhere. You did it for me, while I was doing things I love - taking pictures. More than that, you have so much valuable information on your site about everything I need for my business, like virtual phone number, business cards etc. I don't need to do any research - it's all there: comparison of a leading companies, reviews, pros and cons. Really helpful and saves tons of time.
Amazing service got my EIN, state tax id and DBA in less than a week.
Extremely easy to Apply. Prompt feedback on every step of the process from Alexey Stein. I got exactly what I was looking for in this type of service. I picked the 24 hour option for $39 and got the EIN in less thsn 12 hours. I began the process at 9:00 pm and got the number before 9:00 am the next morning
Got my LLC in less than 24 hours – that was quick! Thanks.
WOW !!! Just a great service. I'm very satisfied with the great help I received from one of the agent (Robert K.). I had no clues on how to set up my business and what to do. Minutes after talking to the rep, I knew exactly what to do. The best part: They don't even try to sell you any extra services. He actually help me remove additional services i didn't need. I felt like talking to a friend who knew what I was going through. First great business move I did. I will definitely recommend the service to anyone around me. THANK YOU Robert and Thank You MyUSACorporation.
My USA Corporation is the best. Their services are more affordable in comparison to other companies I've tried. They gave very prompt responses and very great results. I'm glad I chose them. Thanks My USA Corp.
That was fast service, thanks a lot.
Great job guys! Seven days and I'm up and running with my LLC, complete with EIN !!!
I tremendously appreciated MyUSACorporation helping me obtain an EIN within 48hrs. I highly recommend this service to all business owners. I'm a full-time internet entrepreneur that needed an EIN to obtain a merchant account and MyUSACorporation was very helpful. Thank You!
Thank you so much for your help, it has been a pleasure working with you on the processing of my new corporation. Thanks again.
Got my EIN number in FOUR hours...This is called underpromise and over deliver. Great Job!
MyUSACorporation rocks. I've created 2 companies with them now. They are fast, professional and cost effective.
I have had a great experience working with MyUSAcorporation in having my S-Corporation application completed in a very expeditious manner. The representative who handled my order has been super to guide me through what was required of me. She made the process fast, easy, reliable and most important very affordable compared to other companies offering the same services. If you're going to need the services offered by this type of organization I strongly suggest that you let MyUSAcorporation take care of your needs. I guarantee your satisfaction.
This company was the most reasonably-priced that I found and they were extremely helpful and quite efficient. I never had to make a phone call to check on any status because I was always updated via email. I have been extremely pleased with their super quick service. I would highly recommend this company.
This was so fast and so easy I can't believe it! Thank you for such prompt service with a task that most new business owners don't want to face. I will definitely refer you to friends and anyone I meet who is also starting a business. Thanks again.
Many thanks, I really appreciate your hard work and your time.
I truly thinking to work with you guys in all my future Business, oh my God it was blazing fast and spotless professionalism. I still couldn't believe my LLC was formed with so ease vow Thank you MyUSACorporation for helping me to form my LLC and I would recommend to anybody
After a long period of researcher I finally choose MyUSAcorporation to get my EIN, and I were right, I get it timely. Now I can continue toward my gold. Thanks and good job
Hi, I loved your fast and easy service in obtaining my Sales and Use Tax Id. I wish i would have known earlier about this website. I am satisfied and will definitely use your services again in the future! Thank you.
Got my EIN within an hour, good service, you may use me for reference.
I needed my EIN quick. I came across I was very pleased and surprised that I really got my number so quickly! I received my EIN within a few hours! Yes, I would recommend this website to everyone! Thanks so much for your prompt attention. Thank's again, Danita Murphy
I've now received all of my paperwork for my LLC and my EIN and I wanted to say how appreciative I am for all of your help. You made starting my business a lot less stressful. Thank you.
We are very pleased with the work, communication, and desire to help us. Thank you very much.
Using was very easy, quite inexpensive - yet very, very good. I have filed many DBA's and this was the easiest and fastest. I will always use them - and you should also! Feel free to contact me at (805) 490-8249. These guys are good!
WOW!!! is an understatement for the level of service that I received. Everything was fast and efficient! Thanks for your help obtaining my EIN number!
Greetings, Just want to thank you for the wonderful service that you provided me during my business filing. It lets me know how much I miss New York. Keep up the good work, and don’t change for anybody, lol. I and my company no doubt, would love to be a reference for your services. Again, I thank you for your support and professional service. I would surely recommend my friends and family May you have lots of success. BBLESSED!
Appreciate your professional work, it's a good experience with you MYUSACORPORATION.COM for the application of my company name changing. Especially Alex, who gave me real helpful advice and kept monitoring the status of my application, thanks again Alex. I will choose you again once any corporation issue happened in future.
I will keep your website in my favorites. I am really very thankful for what you did, you're the best. Again - in the future if I need something from the government for any reason I will let you know first. Thank you very much
Good service, at first I bought a service I didn't need, you were nice enough to explain what I really needed, thanks for that. You can use me as a reference.
I want to thank you and your staff for helping start my company. I could not have done it without your assistance.
Thanks for your expediency in obtaining the EIN number for my company. It was a positive experience. Philip
Using MyUSACorporation's services is an easy, fast way to set up a company for a great price. I definitely recommend them.
I would like to express how pleased I am with! My LLC was sent off to The Secretary of State and formed in less than an hour and a half. I am so happy with the service. It greatly exceeded my expectations! I believe they charge a very reasonable fee and are the Top Incorporation Online web service. Thanks so much!
Excellent!! a pleasure of service! thanks for all!
With MyUSACorporation's help, I was able to set up my company and become a part of the Tutti Frutti frozen yogurt franchise in just 4 days! And the price was definitely right. Highly recommended.
I just wanted to thank you for all of your help and to let you know that you can use both my name and company name as a reference. Thanks Again!sit amet luctus.
You rapidly did what I asked for and needed at a great fee, and I appreciate the service. I have used Legalzoom and others previously, you made this very simple.idunt vitae semper quis lectus nulla at volutpat diam ut. Pellentesque diam volutpat commodo sed egestas egestas fringilla phasellus.
Your company is amazing and very professional. I will definitely recommend you. Thanks! helped me form my remodeling business quickly and at the lowest price I could find. I appreciated the personal attention of MyUSAcorporation's representatives, who answered all of my questions over the phone. I would recommend this service to anyone starting a new business.
Thank you for your assistance, I am excited to have my order completed.
I initially came to your page through a simple Google Search.... and I am so delighted by what - and by who - I found there. Not only is your process simple and straight forward - especially for us busy people who just "want to get it done".... but perhaps even more importantly the personal and the professional advice, communication and out reach from Raymond Albert. Because of Ray - I will bring all my business here to In these days of shorter attention span, of less words and less concern shown to online customers, Ray stands apart and has brought my full gratitude to your company because of his help
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