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MyUSACorporation Website Re-Launch

January, 18 2023
Announcing The Re-Launch Of Our New Website-
Written by: Julia Greenberg-Aguilar

We are proud to announce the launch of our newly-redesigned
website. This evolution is the result of serious work for months, but the website is now live and can be
accessed at our same address.

Responding to our Clients’ Concerns

When we founded more than a decade ago, our goal was simple: To
make it easier for entrepreneurs around the world to start and operate their own businesses in
the United States.

Ours is a company that truly values transparency and integrity. That’s why
we give our clients a chance to leave their feedback to help us improve our services. One piece of feedback we have consistently received from multiple clients is about our official website.

These are some of the things they were saying about our former website:

  • Our old website looked outdated, dull and non-intuitive
  • The site was not responsive and didn’t provide a seamless experience across all devices.
  • It was hard to navigate and therefore offered a bad user experience
  • It did not reflect our latest marketing strategy.
  • Some features on the website didn’t work properly.
  • Some content on the old website was poorly written and had some errors

We believe this honest–but discouraging–feedback cast our company in a bad light. We had to respond to these concerns. That’s why we hired professional website designers to redesign the website.

Our Newly Redesigned Website

We didn’t “throw things together.” The new site is professionally designed to be more user-friendly, easier to navigate, faster than ever, and comes with improved security. It features an ultra-modern
design with sleek graphics to reflect our growing cutting-edge business. Some of the great new
features of our newly redesigned site include:

  • A completely redesigned layout and user interface enhance user experience and greatly improve customer satisfaction
  • Our new landing page has a clean, easy to interact with layout
  • Aesthetically-pleasing interface with professionally implemented colors, fonts and hierarchy
  • Easily recognizable and actionable buttons
  • ….much, much more!

So, how did we accomplish this?
We choose larger, full-width, high-resolution images to showcase our work on both the
landing page and other pages. We used new fonts to give our website copy more versatility—fonts that offer more weights and styles so you can easily identify important text. We created a new menu to better align our website with increased mobile use, and integrated motion throughout our site and menus. Finally, we implemented clean, SEO-friendly code that helps our site load much faster than the previous version.

Feel free to browse around! We hope you have had a chance to browse around and see the work and effort we have put in. We are sure you have enjoyed the new experience. This was a true team effort, and we are excited about the result. But feel free to let us know your thoughts because, after all, it’s about YOU, not US.

What do you think?

Do you like the new site? Do you have any suggestions so that we can make it better?
SEND US A NOTE, we welcome your feedback!

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