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October, 28 2013
U.S. Banking for Foreigners
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Well, would it be fair to say that helping our foreign clients with opening bank accounts has been a single most frustrating item on our agenda?

Needless to say that vast resources were thrown on solving this puzzle, and it seems like we began to see the light in the end of a very long tunnel, poetically speaking. A recent partnership we created with an agency in Nevada will allow many of our clients finally have a U.S. bank account for their business, without the need to travel to the U.S.

With a price tag of $999 this is not a cheap solution, but our 100% money back guarantee in case of failure makes the risk as low as it can be.

A pilot launched early in October with two clients (Swedish and Australian) was successful, and we are looking to replicate this success with our entire pool of clients.

Wanted to open a business bank account int he U.S., but couldn’t do it? We invite you to check the offer and try it out for yourself: Open a U.S. Bank Account Remotely.

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