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Registered Agent in

Registered Agent Service in Oklahoma

Any company incorporated, organized or doing business in Oklahoma must maintain a registered agent in the State at all times. The registered agent must be physically located in Oklahoma and is appointed by the company to accept legal documents on its behalf.

The purpose of the Registered Agent is to maintain a consistent physical legal address in the state in which your company is incorporated or doing business. The agent will also receive governmental and legal correspondence, including your annual report, any notices of a law suit against your company, delinquency notices and many other documents that your company may be required to respond to or take action regarding.

Oklahoma is unique among states as it mandates appointment of the Oklahoma Secretary of State to serve as agent for foreign entities (but not for domestic entities, which require appointment of person or organization physically located in Connecticut). It is possible to appoint additional registered agent on a Certificate of Qualification of a foreign entity.

Oklahoma will suspend any company if it fails to maintain a registered agent.

We can help you obtain a reliable registered agent in Oklahoma for just $99 for one year of service. You may cancel registered agent service at any time as long as you provide proof that another agent has been named or that the business is no longer active.

Our Oklahoma Registered Agent office is located in Oklahoma City, OK.

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