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Annual Report in
New York

Filing Annual Report in New York

Types Of Reports In New York Per Company

New York companies can be subject to various renewal terms and fees or taxes, depending on company type. Below you can see the list of various New York business entities and their renewal terms.

The fees and other information listed here was updated on January 1st, 2014. We monitor state announcements of changes in fees and procedures, and make special effort to update this information as often as possible.
LLC, PLLC, Corporation & PC:

New York LLCs, PLLCs, Corporations and PCs, foreign and domestic, file Biennial Report. The state filing fee is $9. Due date for this filing is during the anniversary month of filing every two years.


New York LLPs file Five Year Statement. The state filing fee to file this report is $20 (domestic), $50 (foreign). Due date for this filing is within 60 days before fifth year filing anniversary every 5 years.

Non-Profit Corporations & LP:

New York Non-Profit Corporations and LPs are not required to file any reports with the state.

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