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Dissolving Your
Company in New Jersey

Company Dissolution in New Jersey

The Process

To dissolve a company in New Jersey first step is to have a meeting of its members (for LLC) or directors/shareholders (for corporation) and have a resolution drafted authorizing dissolution. Once such resolution was ratified, the process of dissolution involves the following steps:

1. Obaining Clearances & Consents

Corporations only: written consent of the New Jersey Division of Taxation must be attached to the Certificate of Dissolution when it is submitted to the State for filing.

2. Filing Articles of Dissolution

Articles of Dissolution are filed with New Jersey Department of the Treasury. The processing of dissolution at the New Jersey Department of the Treasury level takes about 7-20 business days.

3. Newspaper Publication

There are no newspaper publication requirements to dissolve a company in New Jersey.

4. Updating Other Agencies & Company Documents

Don't forget to notify the IRS and other state agencies regaring the dissolution. Also, make sure you file a "final" tax return for the company.

Ready to Order?

We will prepare and file your dissolution application in a professional manner with New Jersey Department of the Treasury, as well as obtain consent from the New Jersey Division of Taxation and update the IRS regarding the dissolution. All you need to do is complete our simple application below.

Ready to Dissolve Your Company in New Jersey?


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