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Publication of Legal Notice in Nebraska

Nebraska requires that every company filing an application for a new business entity, an amendment, a merger, a consolidation or a statement of intent to dissolve publish an article in a local legal newspaper of general circulation near the registered office of the company for three consecutive weeks. The companies that are subject to this requirement include corporations, LLCs and those doing business under a trade name (DBA). The newspaper publication must contain the following information:

  • Name of company
  • Address of Registered Agent
  • General purpose of business
  • Time of commencement and termination (if applicable)
  • List of managers/members conducting the business

When filing for dissolution, a notice of the dissolution is to be published for the same three successive weeks and must also include:

  • Terms and conditions of such dissolution
  • Name of managers/members conducting the business (official titles)
  • Statement of assets and liabilities

Proof of publication must be filed with Nebraska Secretary of State once the announcement has run for the required amount of time.

We can help you make a proper publication in any county in Nebraska and will prepare and file all the necessary paperwork with the Nebraska Secretary of State office.

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