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Publication of Legal Notice in Illinois

When an Illinois sole proprietorship or a general partnership files an Assumed Business Name (DBA) Certificate of Registration with the county clerk, they are required to run a publication of the certificate in a general circulation newspaper in the county. The notice is published once a week for three consecutive weeks. The first of the three notices must be published within 15 days of the file stamp date in the clerk’s office.

After publishing, in order for the filing requirements to be complete, the County Clerk must receive the completed Certificate of Publication from the newspaper. It is the responsibility of the owner to be sure it is filed in the clerk’s office within 50 days from the date of filing. Unless proof of publication is made to the Will County Clerk, the Certificate of Registration of the assumed name is void.

Once the publication requirements are fulfilled, business owner is issued the Certificate of Ownership of Business and Receipt of Publication.

We can help you make a proper publication in any county in Illinois and will prepare and file all the necessary paperwork with the county clerk.

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