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Name Reservation in

Company Name Reservation in Illinois

The Process

To reserve a specific name for a future company, an individual must first check with Illinois Secretary of State if that name is available. If available, a name can be reserved by filing a special "Company Name Reservation" application, and it's usually processed within 5-15 days.

Reservation Period

Illinois Secretary of State will reserve a company name for a period of 90 days. After that the reservation must be renewed.

Things To Remember

When reserving a name in Illinois one must use the name with appropriate company identifier (to learn more about specific identifiers, acceptable for filing in Illinois please visit our Illinois LLC, corporation or nonprofit pages).

A name can only be reserved for a corporation or a limited liability company.

IMPORTANT! Company name reservation is NOT the same thing as company registration. Reservation only gives you the right to register a company with the reserved name, and this right is withrawn after a certain period of time.

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