New Federal Requirement: Starting January 1, 2024, most business entities in the US will need to report Beneficial Ownership Information.

Immigration Assessment

Following numerous requests by our clients to provide assistance with U.S. business visas we have partnered with, a leading U.S. & Canada immigration service to provide free Immigration Assessment for potential visa applicants. We invite you to use the form below to assess your visa eligibility:



MyUSAccountant™ is a joint service provided by in cooperation with Eco-Tax, Inc., a public accounting firm in the greater New York area. Eco-Tax, Inc. has over 30 years experience in the tax and accounting industry working with individuals and Small Business Owners. We are thrilled to partner with the Eco-Tax, Inc. professionals to tap their superb level of expertise in providing our clients with these crucial services.

We Offer:

30-Minute Tax Consultation With CPA

A detailed tax consultation with an experienced CPA is a crucial first step to have your business properly structured and maintained.

Our partners at Eco-Tax, Inc are seasoned professionals with many years of experience handling tax related issues for both domestic and foreign clients. Our CPA consultation service is the best opportunity to have your tax related questions answered, and the initial tax strategy planned out.

Business Income Tax Return

A business tax return is filed annually by all companies that conduct business in the U.S.

We offer three types of business income tax return packages: zero-income tax return for dormant companies, standard tax return for most companies that were active during the year, and premium tax return for companies falling into some special categories.

Personal Income Tax Return

All U.S. persons (citizens, permanent residents and certain non-residents with Social Security Number) are required to file personal income tax returns by mid-April of the following year.

Non-U.S. persons are typically responsible to file their income tax returns in the country of their residence. However, when doing business in the U.S. in certain cases the U.S. law requires non-U.S. persons to file personal income tax return.

Obtaining ITIN for Non-U.S. Individuals

In order to file a personal tax return a non-U.S. person without Social Security Number needs to obtain an Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN) from the IRS.

We provide assistance with obtaining ITINs for eligible non-U.S. tax payers.

Filing Periodic Sales Tax Returns

If your company is a holder of any state’s Sales Tax ID (reseller permit) it is required to file sales tax returns per this state’s law. Failure to file sales tax return even if no sales were made could result in fines and other penalties.

We can take over your sales tax return preparation and filing, whether it is monthly, quarterly or annually.

Quarterly Tax Planning

Quarterly Tax Planning is a VIP service provided to our clients looking to ensure that their taxes are structured in the most beneficial manner. Typically this service is intended for those expecting high tax liability in a given year.

Skillful and systematic tax planning could help reduce your tax bill in the end of the year.

Audit Representation

Currently we offer an assistance with audit representation that covers correspondence audits only.

If you are facing an audit and would like to retain our services, please fill out the form below and our representatives will contact you to discuss your specific situation.

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