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U.S. Bank Account for Foreign Business Owners

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KEEP IN MIND: The article is for informational purposes only. Our company does not specialize in nor offers the banking process.


As you probably learned by now, after 9/11 and with the passing of the Patriot Act it became really hard for foreigners to open U.S. bank accounts. Today all U.S. banks are required to document verification that the person opening the account is the person on the I.D. they’re receiving. The easiest solutions practically all banks chose to go with is simply having one of the employees in their branches make sure that the person opening the account in the branch is the same person on the photo I.D.

From time to time we find opportunities with certain branches of big banks that allow us to open accounts for our clients without requiring their physical presence. Once we discover a way to do that we will publish it in this article. Below you can find all the recent working solutions, their cost, terms, and statistics.

Currently we have no available solutions for remote bank account opening. Our past solution can be seen below (those solutions are unfortunately no longer offered by the banks).

You are welcome to research other options and alternatives for banking here.

Past Solutions (No Longer Offered)






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