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Why NV and not FL?

Asked by: ricki amans  — 2 March, 2013

Why would I open a bisiness in NV and not my state of FL?

Answered by: admin  — 2 March, 2013


That’s a very good question – and the answer would depend on miriad of factors, all of which have to do with your specific business plans and strucutre. If you plan to open a store or some other local business then register your business in the state where this business will be physically located. Same would work with any business run by your from your home.

Nevada, like few other incorporaiton-friendly states, are not really must-go destination for every type of business, since most of the time whatever benefits your business enjoys by being organized under the laws of incorporaiton-friendly states are offset by the added costs and complexity of having to later on register the company as foreign entity in the states where the actual business is located.

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