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Which is good Indiana / Wyoming / Nevada for Inc. ?

Asked by: Sash  — 18 January, 2012


I am interested to apply for INC in Indiana / Wyoming / Nevada. We are more then 2 foreign nationals (Non-US) articulating.

Can we keep additional mail box in CA, apart from our state registration of INC ?

If Yes, then kindly help me to select a state which is good for Inc. Without corporate and service tax.


Answered by: admin  — 18 January, 2012

Dear Sash,

The choice of state of formation would greatly depend on the nature and geographical location of your business.

If you are located overseas then of those three Wyoming would probably be the best choice (but I would also recommend you to consider Delaware). If your business has physical presence in any given state then I would suggest you to consider that state as potential state of formation as well. To give you a better advise I would need to know more about your business.

As far as keeping a mail box in California for your business, in principle I see no problem with that and you can list it as mailing address on the Articles of Organization/Incorporation. But keep in mind – if your business is located in California and you register in a different state you might be still required eventually to register it in California as well.

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