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Where to register an LLC

Asked by: David  — 7 December, 2013

if I work in Virginia can I register my LLC in DE or WY and still work legally in Virginia and other states? The cost is significantly different.

Answered by: admin  — 7 December, 2013


The question of registering a company in a state other than the state of residence was covered widely on our site, and it always comes down to a simple set of factors to establish which state(s) your company has nexus (strong connection) with. In most cases, if your business is physically located in one state (for example you keep a home office in that state and actively run your business from that office), then technically you have strong nexus with your state of residence. You can still register you company is an incorporation friendly state, but not for financial reasons, since you will then still have to register it as foreign entity in your state anyway.

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