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Where to form LLC for tour operations?

Asked by: Ernst  — 26 March, 2012

I currently live in NY, but I don’t own property here, and I don’t pay rent. I am temporarily living with family. I do receive mail here, but have not earned income in NY since 2002. I move around quite a bit…. I am starting a photography tour company and none of my tours will take place in NY. Locations for tours will vary and often one tour will travel to multiple states. Currently I have tours that will spend time in WY, MT, AK, CO, NM, UT, AZ, CA, and NV. Eventually, I also want to offer tours in international destinations. I don’t plan to move to another location or rent an office or space anywhere at this point. Would forming an LLC in WY make sense for me? Once I get established, I don’t see NY as being the best location to be based from, as most of my US tours will be in the west. If I were to form an LLC in WY now, and later find myself setting up a base of operations in CA or NV for example, would moving the LLC be relatively easy? Thank you.

Answered by: admin  — 26 March, 2012


I will actually keep this one short: without having a physical presence for your business in any particular state Wyoming would indeed be a great state to register your company in. You can still use your New York address (or any other for that matter) as the mailing/business address.

If (or when) you decide to open an office in some other state, you will be able to register your business in that state by forming a Foreign Entity of your Wyoming company in that state.

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