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Where to form LLC for aerial photography business?

Asked by: DaveC - 30 October, 2011 Want to start an aerial photography LLC to serve a few states from coast to coast. Do most work in New York City and California, some in Florida but could be anywhere, even other countries. Just want to do things the best most affordable legal way. Thanks.
Answered by: Roman Fichman, Esq. - 31 October, 2011 Dave,

Generally speaking, under such circumstances when one is active in many states it's difficult to say what state(s) one should incorporate and/or register in as a foreign entity without first examining the extent of activities in each state. New York, California and Florida should be considered as well as all other states in which you have substantial business activity.

Because of the relative complexity of your situation, this decision is best made in cooperation with an attorney and an accountant, which would determine substantial contacts with the relevant states and their threshold for registration of foreign entities.

Feel free to contact my office for further assistance in the matter.


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