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Where do I pay tax and where should I set up LLC

Asked by: chris - 9 March, 2013 Hi there,

I am planning to move to the US with my wife (she is a US citizen) and we will be living in Oregon. My income will be derived from some rental properties in Missouri. Where should I set up the LLC which owns these and where will I be paying tax?

Thanks for your help.
Answered by: Robert Kowalski - 11 March, 2013 Chris,

If your properties are in Missouri then you should create Missouri LLC for each of the properties (since this is where the "rental business" of each LLC is technically located).

I presume you are referring to income tax you will be paying on the income from those properties. Since LLC is a pass-through entity you will pay personal income tax (federal and Oregon) on the profit distributed to you by those LLCs.


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