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What is the rule for DBA?

Asked by: what's your name? - 9 April, 2011 If you were abc co and you were doing business as def co do you have to use both names (i.e. abc co DBA def co)?
Answered by: Lloyd Johnson - 10 April, 2011 Dear Visitor,

The rule for DBA is pretty simple. If you are doing business in a state,county, or city under a name that is different than your company's legal name (the name that appears on its Articles of Incorporation or Articles of Organization) or different from your own name, if you are a sole proprietor - you must register the new name as a DBA (also known as an assumed name or a fictitious name).

For example, if ABC Corp. owns ABC Pharmacy, it should register "ABC Pharmacy" as a DBA name. It can then continue doing business just as ABC Pharmacy. It would use the full name, ABC Corp. d/b/a ABC Pharmacy on official applications that require companies to disclose all of the names they use.


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