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What are the advantages/disadvantages of LLC comparing with LLP in UK?

Asked by: Artem  — 13 December, 2011

Hi! I’m presenting an Ukranian IT-outsourcing company, we are working with EU customers as well as with US customers. We are inerested in registering international company but can’t decide what is the best choice for us: LLP in UK or LLC in US?

Where should I start learning about doing business using LLC? is there any online guidence how to choose the right state, annual reports, audits, some e-learning materials and so on ? (like HMRC gov resources)

Answered by: admin  — 13 December, 2011

Dear Artem,

Since our service covers only entity registrations in the US I would not be in a position to give you advise on UK LLP.

Generally speaking, if you do business both in Europe and in the US you might want to register in both. As far as states go I recommend you to consider either Delaware or Wyoming.

As far as LLC goes you are welcome to start your research here.

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