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Warehouse & Office in USA

Asked by: Kavya  — 4 October, 2013

I have been exporting saddlery products to US from past 18 years.
I really wish to start with the process of documentations for incorporating a office in United States now. If I can get more information on how to subscribe for your services please let me know.
I look forward to have a LLC type .How shall the process of state of new Jersey/ New York go? And also how beneficial other states are in comparison.

Answered by: admin  — 4 October, 2013

Dear Kavya,

You would be able to apply conveniently online to register in LLC in any state, such as New York or New Jersey.

When you have nexus (physical presence) in a specific state, such as a warehouse, physical office, employees, etc., that is the state you would need to be registered in. Questions of physical nexus are tricky and depend on individual situations. I want to point you to a question answered by our tax expert who explains how nexus is created.

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