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Wanting to expand into another name under a parent company.

Asked by: James - 8 January, 2013 I have a business, LLC company a sales rep group. I now want to start a distributor company selling some of the lines and want to know if that new company can start under the first LLC. It would be at the same address, in Florida.
Answered by: Ray Albert - 9 January, 2013 James,

You could go about this two different ways:

1. You could register a DBA in Florida and list your LLC as the owner. This would allow your LLC to operate under multiple business names, as well as multiple websites, while using the same EIN and licenses as the parent LLC.

The main benefit of a DBA (doing business as) is that you would not need to file a separate annual report with the state.

2. You could register a new LLC in Florida and list the original LLC as the owner. This would create two separate companies, where each entity would be required to have it's own EIN and permits, such as a state sales/use tax id.


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