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Want to register a corporation in USA

Asked by: Viral Joshi  — 7 August, 2012

Hello, I am Indian citizen. I am 19 and have my social networking website. I want to register it as a company, IT company. So is it possible? If yes then I will need investors so will I get investors? My project is not small or limited for only social network. My sister is in USA and she will be american citizen in near about a year so can she register a company with her name now and call me to America as partner of company or CEO? Please if anyone know how can I make it then please let me know.

Answered by: admin  — 7 August, 2012


We could definitely help you register your business in the United States. You are not required to be a citizen to open a U.S. company, and you would not have to submit any personal or financial documents in order to do so.

That being said, you and your sister could register a business together, as that would make it easier for you to open a bank account and to file taxes.

Regarding the investors, if you register a Corporation, it would give you the ability to issue stock, and then sell it to your investors. Registering the corporation would not automatically grant you investors. If you register an LLC, you could have as many members as you’d like, however you would not be able to issue stock, instead you would sell member interest. (We have a research article titled ‘LLC vs. Corporation‘ which I believe you may find helpful).

Additionally, if you didn’t have a specific state in mind, I would suggest looking into registering your IT company in Wyoming or Delaware.

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