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Want to form an LLC in the US from the UK

Asked by: Darren - 31 December, 2011 I there, I have a online business, however i would like to form an LLC in NY or Florida. What steps would i need to take?

side note: I already have an US TIN

I also would like to open a bank account how would one do that? As i dont have a US address what do i need to do.

P.S I have seen many companies online offering fast track LLC for hundreds of pounds is it worth using them of, or can i do it myself?

Answered by: Robert Kowalski - 3 January, 2012 Dear Darren,

You can register an LLC in any US state, however if you have no physical presence in any specific state I would suggest you to consider Wyoming or Delaware. New York and Florida might not be the best choices of state, for variety of reasons.

Opening bank account in the US is a challenge, as you are required to travel to the US to do that. You could have someone you know and really trust do that for you, however generally this is not the best of solutions.

Finally, there are plenty of companies offering the service of registering an LLC, including our company. Since I can only speak on behalf of our company I would like to say that hiring a professional full service incorporation company such as ours would make your life somewhat easier, and I believe that our price/benefit ratio makes it worthwhile.


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