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Virtual office for Nevada corporation

Asked by: angela  — 13 July, 2011

We have a corporation filed in Nevada. We are trying to build our corporate credit and need to have an address other than home address to do this with. But as we have been researching virtual addresses they are all listed in other states than the state we live in (Missouri). Do we have to registered as a foreign company in our local state and in the state we are going to receive mail? Also, does the address have to “The address also needs to be listed with the USPS. It is okay to use a suite number as long as it is an official suite # that is listed with the USPS.” Which we have not found unless we actually buy an office somewhere. Then will the bank account need to be in the state we get our virtual office?

Answered by: admin  — 13 July, 2011


Let me give you a tip on how to organize a street address in any state in the US with mail forwarding option. The simplest and cost efective solution would be to rent a box from a UPS store in the state and city of your choice (Nevada or Missouri is your choice), and have the store forward mail to any address you choose.

Just keep in mind that its a good idea to periodically check with the store if there is mail that have accumulated, sometimes they forget to forward it (from my experience). Also, I would not recommend using it as active mailing address for the reason I just stated, unless you are confident after a while that they are diligent in forwarding your mail.

For more ideas on getting a business address please consult our US Business Address article.

I hope that helps.

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