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USA company selling to developing countries

Asked by: Jean Laurent PhD  — 22 January, 2012

As a foreign scientist I want to initiate a LLC in USA but only to sell OUTSIDE USA (technology products and services). What would be the best steps?
Thanks a lot

Answered by: admin  — 22 January, 2012

Dr. Laurent,

There are many possible solutions to the business situation you described, and the one you are looking for would depend on various factors, such as:

– what type of products and services will your business sell?
– is your business going to purchase products in the USA, or is it going to develop those products?
– if the products are developed – what country/state are they going to be developed in?
– is your business going to have any physical presence in the US, such as offices, employees, manufacturing facilities, etc.?

In other words, before any meaningful solution is advised it is important to understand your entire business plan.

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