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US LLC with a non-US partner and a US partner

Asked by: Nicolas - 9 February, 2012 Hello,

I'm interested in forming an LLC. I am not a US citizen and I do not live in the US. I would be forming the LLC with a partner who is a US citizen and lives in the US.

Questions are:

1) Is is possible to have two partners from different nationalities? (I would guess it is)

2) How would the money be transferred to me being international? Can the LLC make international wire transfers? Or will I need a US bank account?

3) Do I have to pay taxes in the US or in my home country?

Thanks a lot in advance!

Answered by: Robert Kowalski - 12 February, 2012 Dear Nicholas,

First of all there is no problem for you to be a member of US LLC with a US partner being the other member. Also, you don't have to have a US bank account for yourself, as your profit distributions could be wired to your bank account in your country.

As far as taxes go I would recommend you to consult an accountant based in your country to see if your country has any tax treaties with the US. That professional might know how international taxation works in your case. It might also be a good idea for your partner or yourself to consult a US accountant to see how the company will be taxed, given the fact that LLC is a pass through entity, but has a non??“US member.


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