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US Company for Indian Resident

Asked by: mollick - 11 October, 2012 Hi
I am Mollick from India
I want to sell drop shipping product in online in and in US 
This drop shipping facility is not available in our country in India so I want to sell in US 
For that I need:
1. US company
2. A US telephone number
3. Tax id number
4. US bank account
5. US Credit card
6. US address
7. A virtual office in US 

So being in India and a non US resident and also not visiting USA personally can I get those thing ..?
If yes how much its cost..?
What are the document I have to provide ??¦.?
Answered by: Ray Albert - 12 October, 2012 Mollick,

We could help register a business in the U.S. without you having to be a resident, as well as obtain the federal tax id for the business. We can also help you obtain a U.S. business address and telephone number (both can be obtain in a package from a virtual office provider). We have a research article titled 'U.S. Companies for Foreigners' which I believe you would find very helpful in getting your company registered.

The company bank account and credit card is a challenge for international residents, as the banks here require applicants to appear in person to open the business bank account. You can click here for some helpful tips and suggestions for opening a U.S. bank account.


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