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US citizen wants to run business from Canada

Asked by: Patricia - 1 March, 2013 I am a US citizen who might be moving to to Canada due to my husband's work. If I want to start and run an LLC serving US clients (consulting business, not selling any physical product), can I do that? Do I need a physical address in the US? What would be the best state to incorporate in?
Answered by: Robert Kowalski - 3 March, 2013 Patricia,

You can certainly run a U.S. business from Canada, and you don't need any physical address in the U.S. other than Registered Agent address in the state of registration, which we provide as a service anyway.

For choice of state I would recommend Wyoming - it's one of the more favorable states for businesses located abroad, and one of the cheapest and more reliable to file and to maintian your company in.


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