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US citizen living In Nicaragua and will be forming an LLC in New jersey

Asked by: Tony - 1 May, 2013 I am a US citizen residing in Nicaragua and will be forming an LLC in New Jersey. I have 2 major questions that hopefully you can help me with.

1. I've been looking at some of the questions asked when applying for an EIN online and looking at some of the questions when filling out the NJ tax employer registration online and they ask what the "physical business location" is. I will not have a "physical business location." If i don't have a physical business location, what address do I use? The registered agents address?

2. There will be 2 members. One of them is not a US citizen. Can I have a non-us citizen be a member of the LLC?
Answered by: Ray Albert - 1 May, 2013 Tony,

When you register an LLC in the U.S., you may use any physical address, such as a home or office as the business address. This address may be located outside of the United States, with the only exception that is cannot be a P.O. Box. You would not be able to use a commercial registered agent as the business address. If you decided you wanted to have an optional U.S. address, you could opt to obtain a virtual office, which can be used as the business address on file with the state/federal offices.

It will not be a problem for some or all of the members of a U.S. entity to be non-U.S. residents, and you will be able to split U.S. and international members' information on our application to register your New Jersey LLC.


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