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UK Company Looking to Branch Out into the USA

Asked by: Ken - 7 September, 2013 We are a small UK company looking to gain a presence (incorporate) in the USA. We would hope to do this using a company set up in the USA and via a virtual office. We would not hold any stock in the USA and would drop ship everything from the UK.
The directors and shareholders are all non US citizens and none of us live in the US. My questions are should we incorporate and have the virtual office in the same state? What states would be to best to consider? Would opening a bank account be a simple affair (We currently bank with HSBC in the UK). Would an LLC be the best option and finally is SAGE widely used as an accounting package in the USA.

All suggestions and advice welcomed.
Answered by: Robert Kowalski - 9 September, 2013 Ken,

To answer your questions, first of all your virtual office doesn't have to be in the state of registration, but given the flexibility of flexible office services you might want to consider finding one in the state of registration after all.

Banking in the U.S. is a bit of an issue, I would recommend you to read my article about it here.

LLC would be one option, together with C-Corporation. To compare the two please visit this page.

Finally, I am familiar with QuickBooks and Quicken as probably the most popular accounting softwares in the US. I am not familiar with SAGE.


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