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Type of business for an online ebay store selling electronic components

Asked by: Thomas Tran - 3 February, 2012 I am planning to start an online ebay electronic components selling business. What type of business is the best?
Answered by: Ray Albert - 10 February, 2012 Thomas,

Typically, an LLC is a great business entity type for a web business. By design, LLC's are more flexible and easier to maintain than a corporation, which make them perfect for single or small business owners.

If you are working from home and registering the business with your home address, you may be able to register in the state of your choice (such as Wyoming or Delaware) depending on the costs and maintenance fees of your home state. This can be advantageous especially if you live in very expensive states such as California, Massachusetts or Illinois, where it is very costly to register and maintain your business.

If you can tell us what state you live in, we'd be able to offer advise as to what state may work best with you and your business.

I hope you were able to find this information to be helpful.


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