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Trying to form an LLC in Nevada

Asked by: Quintin - 9 March, 2011 What are the state fees
Answered by: Lloyd Johnson - 23 March, 2011 Dear Quintin,

This is a great question, because Nevada is a state that tries to catch new businesses with some hidden fees. The fee to file the Articles of Organization in Nevada is $75. The process can be expedited by the state for a separate fee, starting at $125. If you want to order a certified copy of your articles (often required by the banks to open a business account), the state will give you one free but will charge $30 plus $2 per page copying fee for each additional certified copy.

Here comes the catch though, every LLC formed in Nevada is required to file an Initial List of Members and apply for Business License within 30 days after formation. The state charges $125 for the Initial List and a whopping $200 for the Business License. And there are late fees that apply if you don't file these on time!

For all the advantages that Nevada offers for its domestic companies, the costs make it more profitable to incorporate in another business-friendly state, like Wyoming.


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