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Transferring an LLC from Nevada to Kentucky?

Asked by: Marsha - 24 March, 2012 I formed an LLC in May 2011 in Nevada but live in I received a statement for over $500 (includes a NEW Nevada state tax), can I change to another state? Or just cancel?
Answered by: Robert Kowalski - 24 March, 2012 Dear Marsha,

Technically its possible to change the domicile from any state to Kentucky, however it involves several procedures such as establishing a foreign entity in Kentucky and then filing an amended application for certificate of authority to change the domicile of organization for the entity to Kentucky. Of course on top of that you would need to wind up affairs in Nevada, meaning you need to pay what you owe them, obtain a certificate of good standing and then file dissolution.

With all that being said, if you don't really do much business with that LLC, or if it has no assets, it seems like it will be easier for you to simply dissolve your NV LLC. If you need your LLC to be in Kentucky you could then form a new KY LLC, however in order to give you a more solid advice I would need to know the history of your original entity as well as the history of the business you conducted with that LLC.


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