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Total fees to form LLC in California

Asked by: rick  — 3 April, 2011

What are total fees for forming LLC in California?

Answered by: admin  — 3 April, 2011

Dear Rick, is better than the competition because it does not push any “packages” on its clients. Instead, every client can order a la carte the services that he needs. The $39+$59 processing fees include the filing of Articles of Organization, which officially forms your LLC, and filing of the Statement of Information (a state requirement for all LLCs). In addition to that you have to pay a state fee of $70 for the Articles of Organization and a $20 shipping charge. So, the absolute minimum is $188.

Keep in mind, the regular state processing time in California is a couple of months. To expedite your filing you can use the walk-in option which cuts your wait time to just 3 weeks. An even faster processing option is available, but it comes at a significant cost.

Also, there are additional fees for such popular services as obtaining a federal tax ID ($39), getting a registered agent ($99), and the kit & seal ($69).

I suggest that you start the order process and take a look at the price list that appears on the very first page of the order form.

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