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Tax benefits of opening a Nevada or Wyoming LLC versus Texas.

Asked by: Mckenzie - 11 August, 2012 I have a bit of a long question here. I have done quite a bit of research and am on the fence about where I should open my business. I'll give some details. Our business deals with wholesale trading, and will be registering to do business in said state we will be operating in. First, to clarify, we will be responsible for any taxes in that state but what will be save by incorporating in a 'no corporate, no state income or no franchise tax state?' Second, if we are not operating business in our home state is it even a reservation to not think about opening an LLC in Nevada or Wyoming?
Answered by: Ray Albert - 15 August, 2012 McKenzie,

If you are registering a corporation, you would have no corporate income tax in Nevada or Wyoming (or Texas for that matter, but Texas has franchise tax). If you are registering an LLC, it may not make a difference as an LLC is a pass-through entity, where the profits of the business are passed-through the entity directly to the owner's personal income. Then the owners would pay their federal and (if applicable) state income taxes on their personal income (we offer a free tax webinar which addresses many of the common tax questions of operating a business in the United States).

When a business has any nexus (physical presence) such as employees, vehicles or rents/owns property such as a warehouse, the company would have to be registered in that state, respectively.


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