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Steps For S- Corp Name Change

Asked by: Elysha Zamora - 25 July, 2012 Hi. My husband and I started an S corp recently and we received a C&D letter telling us part of our name was trademarked by another company in another city. Our lawyer told us to avoid a legal battle, we would have to change the company name. What do we need to do legally? He said we could operate under one name with the original as the parent company but would it be better to change the name, as then the DBA can't be protected by trademark? How do we accomplish this? Please help? This needs to be done ASAP.
Answered by: Robert Kowalski - 25 July, 2012 Elysha,

Amending the name of a company with the state and IRS is not a very complicated process, you can start it here.

I am not sure if there is any way you could use the old name without getting in trouble. In your case I believe its best to rebrand and then try to protect your new name with a trademark.


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