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Starting in 2014

Asked by: Matt Harvell  — 16 November, 2013

If I form my corporation now (before the end of the year) and have it ready to do business in 2014, will I have to file a tax return with IRS for 2013? I won’t be generating or accepting any revenue this year, but want to be ready on Jan 1st to be up and running.

Answered by: admin  — 16 November, 2013


Actually, most states have the option of listing “active” date on the articles, and we have a section in our form where you can specify if you want your active date to be prior or after January 1st (although in some rare cases we cannot guarantee the company will be open prior to January 1st, we can always guarantee it will be opened after).

With states that don’t have this option we simply wait till the last days of December and file then.

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