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Starting a private jewelry business

Asked by: Susan - 9 February, 2011 How do I register a business name to open an account to start a private jewelry business that sells internationally? I live in Indiana.
Answered by: Lloyd Johnson - 21 February, 2011

Dear Susan,

Congratulations on starting your own business - this is a very exciting and important time.

There are two ways you can go about setting up your business. One way is to continue doing business as a sole proprietor (an individual) and register a "doing business as" name, or a fictitious name for you to do business under. This choice will provide you with a registered name for your business, but it will not offer you any liability protection for your personal assets. For that reason, we recommend against it.

Another, more preferred way, is for you to form a limited liability entity in Indiana. It could be a corporation or a limited liability company (an LLC). In our experience an LLC is easier to maintain while offering all of the advantage of a corporation. At the following link you can read more about the differences between corporations and LLCs.

Setting us a limited liability entity in Indiana is rather simple and we can certainly help you with the process. Here, you read more about the process of forming a corporation or an LLC in Indiana.


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