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Starting a company on F-1 Visa in USA.

Asked by: Bhavesh  — 27 August, 2012

I know that I can start a company while on F-1 Visa but I cannot work for it, does that mean I need to hire someone in my company? Is it possible to run my company without any employee?

Answered by: admin  — 27 August, 2012


Theoretically, you have no obligation to hire a manager. As far as I know F-1 visa comes with limitations (which you should research carefully, preferably using the help of an immigration specialist), so it might prevent you from being a paid manager of your company, but it might not prevent you from volunteering your “management services” and other work for free for this company.

Again, being a question dealing with a “grey area” I would once again recommend you to consult an immigration specialist before making any decisions.

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