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Shortened version of DBA?

Asked by: JC - 20 July, 2013 I run a business (for example) under the DBA of "Super Long Leaf Tea Company, LLC" where I sell my products at local fairs. Can I use shortened version of the name "Super Long Leaf" sometimes (for the purpose of marketing, advertising, and social media)? Also, because now I'm also planing to open a store front, can my sign say "Super Long Leaf Specialty Tea Shop"? Do I need a new DBA for that?
Answered by: Robert Kowalski - 21 July, 2013 JC,

Actually, I would presume that "Super Long Leaf Tea Company, LLC" is the full name of your company, not a DBA (since DBA names cannot use entity identifiers such as "LLC").

If you want to use ANY other name (such as "Super Long Leaf" or "Super Long Leaf Specialty Tea Shop") and associate those names with your company, you need to register DBA for each of those names. Depending on the state of your company registration, DBAs would be registered with Secretary of State, county clerk, or town clerk (or, like in Texas, with both Secretary of State and county clerk).

Either way, we can help you with all your DBA needs here.


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