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Setting up LLC or Corp as US non residential alien from Europe

Asked by: Vic  — 31 December, 2012

if I will open company , LLC or Corp as non resident, French nationality, and I do intent not to work in USA but would like to be more often present (but my stay will be less then 90 days, eg max 2 month ) do i need to apply for any kind of visa or is it ok to enter the country on VWP visa?
Thank you

Answered by: admin  — 31 December, 2012


You may register a business in the U.S. without having to provide a U.S. address, social security number, or having to submit any financial or identification documents.

You do not need to have a visa to register the company, as you may apply directly online. We have a specific section on our site for international residents titled ‘U.S. Companies for Foreigners‘, which will guide you through comparing the different entity types and recommended states to register your business in, as well as guide you to the online applications.

As mentioned, iit is not required to have any U.S. presence to form the company. Regarding how to obtain a visa, or what type you may need, that would be best to consult with a professional immigration attorney.

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