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Setting up a US based internet site

Asked by: Clint - 10 January, 2013 Hi. I have been researching wholesalers for a new website I am starting to supply the local US market and as I am looking for a US based supplier they all ask for an EIN to create an account. Do I need a local address? I am an Australian Resident. Is an LLC the best way to do this? Can you help please? Clint
Answered by: Robert Kowalski - 10 January, 2013 Clint,

Actually you can obtain EIN for your Australian company, no need to register one in the US.

You might want to do it anyway though, because many vendors would want to work with a US-based entity and might require you to supply them with a reseller permit. In that case LLC in a state like Delaware or Wyoming would work just fine.


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