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Setting up a business in the US

Asked by: Diego  — 23 October, 2011

Hi, I’m not a US citizen and I’d like to set up a marketing agency in the US, so I’ll be able to run the company and live legally in the States.

Summing up, I’d like to know:

– What are those steps?
– Which forms do I need to fill?
– How much does it cost in terms of set up, taxes and more?
– How do I need to proceed?
– How much time does it take all the paper work?


Answered by: admin  — 23 October, 2011

Dear Diego,

First of all I have to tell you that setting up a business in the US does not automatically give you any particular advantages in establishing a legal residence status in the US. I would suggest you to consult an immigration attorney to see what options you have if you intend to immigrate to the US.

As far as setting up a US company, the first step would be to decide what type of entity you want to register and what state you want to register that entity in.

Our company provides full service entity registration services in all 50 state plus DC. To make it easier for our clients we have a number of a??“la??“carte application forms that our client fill out in order to place an order. You can see the list of all services here.

As far as the cost of set up and processing time go again it depends on the type of entity and the state. You can check the prices and processing times by selecting the right form on our site.

And finally, taxes: we have partnered with Corporate Tax Network, who specialize in business accounting services (among other things), to provide a free tax webinar that covers many of the questions related business taxation. I would recommend you to try it out, especially since you can have a one??“on??“one free consultation with one of their tax specialists as an added bonus.

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