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Set up IT Consulting LLC in Delaware but work from home in MD

Asked by: Rob  — 9 March, 2013

If I set up my IT Consulting LLC in Delaware but work from home in MD, can I write off expenses like my home office square footage? Do I need to register MD for foreign qualification? I will have clients that I might need to meet face to face I’m MD, VA, and NC, but I will primarily be working remotely from my home office.

Thanks in advance!

Answered by: admin  — 9 March, 2013


If you intend to use your home as an office and deduct related expenses you would create physical nexus and would need to have your company registered in Maryland either as domestic or foreign entity.

As far as other states go the answer would depend on the nature of your business activity in those states. Technically if you are just meeting clients (occasionally) in those states by itself it should not create physical nexus.

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