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Set Up a Company in USA

Asked by: Amaan Ahuja - 21 June, 2013 Hi! Thanks for this great platform.
I am getting cosmetics manufactured from a USA cosmetic manufacturer - under my private cosmetic label which is registered in India under my Indian Company. Now, I don't want the name and address of the actual USA manufacturer on my product so as to maintain the exclusivity of my product manufacturer in India. But, I also want the name and address of an American Company only. What is the solution? If I open a Company in the USA (my manufacturer is in Florida), can we print the name of my new USA Company and not the name of the actual manufacturer? And for this, if possible, would I be requiring a Bank Account? And will I be entitled to pay any taxes in USA?
Answered by: Robert Kowalski - 21 June, 2013 Amaan,

You are talking about white labeling. Basically, you need a brand name under which your products will be sold in India, and you need to negotiate a deal with your manufacturer to use your labeling on the product and the packages.

Whether you need a U.S. company for that or not is an open question, probably not.


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